Hate your annoying flyaway hair? Here is how I do.


Due to excessive work, life pressures and heavy eating habits, many of us suffer from oily hair, flyaway hair, hair loss problem. So, how should we take care of our hair to avoid getting messy hair and flyaway hair in daily life? Here are the tips and tool I keep in my daily life:



Don't wash hair in the morning


Many people don't have time to wash their hair at night. They like to wash their hair in the morning. In fact, hairdressing in the morning is not good. If you wash your hair in the morning and go out directly without drying it. The lacking of humidity in winter will increase the dryness of hair. It is best to wash hair at 9 o'clock in the evening. And after washing our hair, we should keep the hair completely dry before going to bed, so that the hair will not get too dry in the morning. I usually wash my hair around 9PM or earlier at night and let it try naturally.


Do not use shampoo which contains ammonium lauryl sulfate or sodium laurate sulfate


Many shampoos are supplemented with ammonium lauryl sulfate or sodium laurate sulfate. These ingredients are added to the shampoo to make the bubble more abundant, but they will aggravate the dryness of the hair and damage the scalp, making our hair drier and rougher. When choosing a shampoo, we should pay attention to the composition list of shampoo and avoid these ingredients. I usually check the ingredients written on the bottle before I purchase in supermarket


Don't leave the hair too long


In fact, short hair and medium long hair are ideal hair length. The longer the hair is, the thinner the hair end is. The hair end can’t absorb nutrients easily results in more and more flyaway hair, split ends and rough hair, especially in autumn and winter. The longer the hair, the harder it is to care. If you want to have good hair quality, it is best not to leave hair too long, properly trim the hair ends, and keep our hair healthy. I often trim the hair ends myself when I am boring at home, since small cut will not affect my hairstyle, I love the DIY.


Reduced the number of hairs perming


Everyone longs for beauty. Perming hair has become a popular trend. But frequent perming hair not only increases the dryness of the hair, but also damage the health of hair. When perming hair, the scales on the surface of the hair are destroyed. The internal structure of the hair become unprotected, which will cause the loss of internal moisture and nutrients, ultimately leading to hair breaks, withering and split ends. To make our hair healthy and shiny, reduce the times of hair perming is necessary. It is best not over once a year. Seriously, I haven’t permed my hair over 2 years. I love the way it is.



Don't dye hair


Many girls like all kinds of fashionable hair color. And hair colors need to be dyed before they can bring good-looking effects. However, bleaching and dyeing is actually very harmful. Excessive bleaching and dyeing will affect the health of our body. The chemicals that enter the scalp can damage the scalp and hair texture, causing the hair to be withered and yellow, split, and rough. I sometimes do dye my hair, but just with those one-time hair dyeing pen.


Don't overuse hair dryer


Most of us use hair blower to dry hair nowadays. However, excessive use of the hair dryer can easily blow away the moisture of our scalp, makes our hair lack of moisture and elasticity. It is advisable to use hair dryer as less as we can and keep our hair dry naturally. And when using a hair dryer, try not to blow the hair with hot air. Best to use hot and cold air alternately. I mostly use hair dryer in winter only. If have to use in some occasions, I only turn on the cold air.


Use less heated hair tools


When heating the hairdressing tool to make the shape, it damages the hair. If the temperature is too high, it will not only take away the moisture in the hair but also burn the hair and destroy hair internal structure, making the hair easy to get yellow, fly away and brittle, become shedding, no luster and no elasticity. It is necessary to reduce the use of heated hairdressing tools to make the hairstyle. If can’t avoid, apply some hair care oil before using the heated hairdressing tool to isolate the heat and reduce the damage.



Finally and most importantly, the secret of how I keep my hairstyle perfectly is in this genius flyaway hair finishing stick.

flyaway hair finishing stick 



It is made of natural plant ingredients. Nature elastic hydrating, not greasy. Natural and safe to use without stimulation. Finishing stick gel is transparent, suitable for all colors of hair. It is about the size of a typical mascara stick, very great for tossing in a purse and on the go. You should get one and try it yourself!






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