The ’90s are starting to lose hair seriously. How to save our hairline?

Many of the ‘90s have joined the army of hair loss. When it comes to hair loss issue, the first thing we think of is middle-aged "Mediterranean", and now hair loss is coming at a younger age. The hairline of many people is getting more and more backwards. Why so many young people are becoming members of the "hair loss" army now? How to prevent hair loss in our daily life?


Let's take a look at the root causes of hair loss and see how can we save.


The main cause of hair loss is related to androgen and receptor, and is also affected by genetic factors, mental factors, psychological factors, and nutritional factors. The reason why more and more young people have to face the problem of hair loss has a great connection with their bad life habits.


Staying up late: we all know that staying up late is not good for good health, but nowadays young people often have bad habits of staying up all night. It is important to know that staying up late not only causes great changes in hormones in the body, but also increases estrogen levels. It will easily lead to the miniaturization of hair follicles. In addition, working in the day and night will also lead to insufficient nutrition of the scalp, which will affect the regrow of hair.


Mental stress: though the current economic conditions are getting better and better, people's living standards are rising, but many people are facing the work pressure, life pressure and academic pressure. The long-term high pressure is inevitable. It will put our human body in a state of nervousness and anxiety. In the long run, it will affect the endocrine balance of our body. At this state, the sebaceous glands of the body will secrete a lot of oil, which will cause hair loss and hair loss.


Genetics: In fact, hair is also affected by genetic factors. If your parents have hair loss history, then sadly, your chances of losing hair will be much higher than ordinary people.



External Factors: nowadays, the popularity of many electronic products has also caused a lot of damage to our hair. Besides, improper care of hair like excessive dyeing will also induce hair loss.


What should we pay attention to in preventing hair loss?


Wash hair in proper way: develop correct way to wash your hair is the first step to prevent recurrence. If there is an unhealthy blood circulation in our head, then there may be a sudden phenomenon. So, to wash hair, the root part should be cleaned at first. And when choosing a shampoo, it is best to choose a weakly acidic shampoo to reduce the number of times for blowing hair and let it dry naturally.



Adjusting emotions: as we mentioned above, if the mental state is often in anxiety state, it will also cause hair loss, and the deeper the depression is, the faster the hair loss will happen. Male friends are under greater pressure of work usually, so the chances of hair lose are higher. We can do some deep breathing, walk more, exercise more, relax our body and brain, and ensure adequate sleep in daily life. Besides, a foot bath by warm water before sleep can make you energetic in next day. And it’s also good for hair care.


Hairdressing time: if your hair is oily type, two days is a more preferable frequency of hair washing. If it is dry hair, you can wash it once every 4 days, and you can use your fingers to massage your head to activate blood circulation, but the power should not be too hard during the process of washing hair, it must be gently carried out to avoid hair damage!



Be careful in hair rinsing& hair dyeing: Many young people love to follow beauty fashion. They usually like to dye hair, and straighten it. This will cause terrible damage to hair cell. if the damaged hair can’t be taken care of and not getting recovered. The hair will become dry and vulnerable. So, it is better not to dye hair often, once every six months is advisable.


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